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Tiki Windsurfing, Europe's greatest producer of kiddy sets for windsurf



Tiki Trading Benelux B.V.

1e Industrieweg 6
8051 CN Hattem
The Netherlands

Phone: (+31) (0)651 663 678

Email: info@tiki.nl

Founded in 1978 as one of the first Dutch windsurf companies, Tiki is now Europe's greatest producer of kiddy sets for windsurf and the most competative producer of windsurf rigs and booms.

Tiki Trading Benelux started out in 1978 with importing and selling wetsuits for a new market: WINDSURFING......

Because of the rapidly growing market we decided to sell and produce everything involved in the windsurf market.

After a few years of just selling the product, we started producing windsurf booms ourselves.

Now, so many years later, we are specialists in processing aluminium profiles for watersports.

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